Friday, December 12, 2008

More Videos Removed

Dick Clark Prods. went on a rampage the other day, removing tons of videos and disabling accounts on YouTube, all because people were uploading clips and/or montages of So You Think You Can Dance. Unfortunately 10 of my vids were removed. Here is the list:

Courtney & Gev - Just Begun
Anya & Danny - Ghostwriter
Pasha Kovalev Rocks It
Remix - Anya & Danny Contemporary
Remix - Jessi & Pasha Waltz
Remix - Jessi & Pasha Jazz
Remix - Chelsie & Mark Contemporary
Remix - Chelsie & Gev Contemporary
Remix - Courtney & Gev Rumba
Remix - Courtney & Gev Contemporary

I will be uploading all these videos to my other sites very soon. Unfortunately, I think this means my YouTube account may be disabled sooner rather than later. I'm debating whether to upload anything new to it and risk permanent removal or just leave it alone and hope that the current videos stay safe.

Decisions, decisions...

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